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Sterling Silver Small to Large Easy Necklace Clasp Converter

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  • 16mm Large and Easy to Use Lobster Clasp
  • Sterling Silver .925
  • Strong, Durable and Long-Lasting
  • Simply Attaches to Your Jewelry Clasp
  • Made in USA

This sterling silver small to large easy necklace clasp converter is the perfect solution to your struggle of dealing with tiny clasps. Simply attach your clasp to the jump ring and use the large lobster clasp with ease. Much easier to use and maneuver due to its size (about 0.75" length). No more struggling with tiny clasps. This converter is perfect for someone with arthritis, dexterity issues or any other disability. Also for anyone that just wants an easier time opening and closing their jewelry clasps. Made in the USA and constructed by hand this clasp converter is made to last. The converter is about 0.75" in length and will add that to the length of your jewelry.